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R 40EX 1,00 WW]] CH41 B 3 1060
Series Ratio Shaft Bar hole with different profiles Input Assembly Extension Length

Code explanation:
M = Multiplier gearbox
52 = Box reference
T = Gerabox with extension

P = Gearbox with pump connection
L = Gearbox with disengagement or inversion lever
V = Box suitable for vertcal mounting with the output shaft downwards
D = Box with round flanging
R = Reduction gearbox
EX = Gearbox bar hole with different profiles
F = Gearbox with output shaft that can be flanged
E = Gearbox for rotary harrows
AP = Parallel axis gearbox
RF = Gearbox for rotary cultivators
FID = Gearbox with output flanged shaft with inverter driven by hydraulic cylinder
AT = Gearbox for sprayers
/1 = Output mounting type
I = Revolution inverter
PLA = Planetary gearbox
B = Ideal gearbox for concrete mixers
F1 = Flange type incorporated into the gearbox
TM = Gearbox composed of two boxes, one which is mobile
FR = Gearbox with automatic brake system
TF = Gearbox with electrical engine
AL = Aluminium alloy gearbox housing
SL = Gearbox for manure spreaders
SLO = Gearbox for manure spreaders with horizontal motion
SLI = Gearbox with hydraulic engine for manure spreaders
SF = Gearbox for diggers
ME = Gearbox with flange for electro engine
MUFOR = Gearbox for hay machinery
ESC = Gearbox for dryers
SB = Snow blower gearbox
MTU = Universal flail mower gearbox
PLAO = Horizontal planeteary gearbox
SC = Centrl gearbox for cutters
TSPU = Flail mower with pick up system
D = Disengagement
P = Hydraulic pump gearbox
G = Gearbox with mounting holes and shaft in inches

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