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A Little History
GB were born in the early 60’s in Bologna, in the throbbing heart of the mechanical industry and the manufacturing centre for gears and power transmission. From the tradition of this area and from the history of our company comes GB’s expertise in solving new problems every day, creating dedicated products designed to the specific requirements of each customer, and keeping every production phase in-house in order to have total control of both products and quality.
GB design and build agricultural gearboxes mainly for machinery used for green spaces, farming and cattle breeding. At the same time the company also serves other sectors, such as building and services industries, supplying power transmission systems for driers, circular saws, hydraulic pumps, generating sets and many more.

For over half a century, GB have designed, built and marketed gearboxes, shafts, housings and bevel and cylindrical gears. Energy transfer is now more efficient with reduced dissipation, providing more power to those with faith in the GB brand.
GB develop and manufacture products in compliance with the highest design and manufacturing standards. Expertise gained over many years; systematic and rigorous checks; a supply chain fully localised in Emilia Romogna, Italy. These are the factors that ensure the highest product quality every day.

A well organised and competent technical area, departments and resources specialised in research and development are the driving forces of a company that is strongly committed to innovation. Thanks to this, GB can translate ideas into products, fuelling even the most ambitious projects for every customer.

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